A Special Message from Tahoe Fund and League to Save Lake Tahoe

Breaking News! A Big Leap Forward for Upper Truckee Restoration – Tahoe Fund


Dear Friends,

We are writing today with monumental news! With support from the Tahoe Fund and the League to Save Lake Tahoe, the California Tahoe Conservancy is purchasing the Motel 6 property and surrounding 31 acres that sit within the Upper Truckee River watershed next to Highway 50 in South Lake Tahoe.

Long before environmental regulations were created to avoid such travesties, the motel was built in the middle of Tahoe’s largest marsh ecosystem, grossly impacting the native habitat and clarity of the Lake. It has long been a goal of both of our organizations and many agencies in the Basin to see this development removed from these sensitive lands and the wetlands restored to their function as a natural pollution filter for the Lake.

The property is being purchased with funding from the Conservancy, the California Wildlife Conservation Board, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and our two organizations.

The first step will be to secure the property and prepare for removal of the motel. Over the next few years, planning work will commence on the restoration of the lands.

Click on the map to see the acquisition location.
Credit: California Tahoe Conservancy

This is fantastic news! Restoring sensitive marshland is a significant environmental achievement. Marshlands play a crucial role in filtering pollutants and providing habitat for a wide range of wildlife, and enhance the quality of life for our communities. It’s a testament to the dedication and hard work of the agencies involved, and indeed a major win for the lake and its surrounding environment. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this happen!

If you have plans to visit Lake Tahoe, please do not hesitate to reach out. I would be more than happy to give you a tour and help you explore our diverse neighborhoods.